Is MasterBundles a Worthy Place For Freelance Work?

Check out this article if you are a freelancer and looking for a worthy marketplace to sell your designs.

MasterBundles Marketplace: How To Found a Worthy Place For Freelance Work

If you have ever worked as a freelancer, you may know that finding your first clients isn’t an easy task. The situation gets even more complicated if you don’t have enough experience in the work you apply for. Unfortunately, the majority of clients can’t rely on someone green. They’d rather find someone who can show work cases.

I have been in your shoes and also have been searching for clients spending hours on freelancing exchanges. I have also met some unfair customers who refused to pay.

Mainly because of these three reasons I started looking for different marketplaces, where I could sell my products safely, without spending much time on the client’s search. After analyzing several markets, I decided to choose MasterBundles as a place for selling my visual elements and designs. In this article, I will cover all pros and cons of such a cooperation. So if you are still pondering whether to apply or not, continue reading.

What Is MasterBundles?

Preview masterbundles is masterbundles a worthy place for freelance work

So first of all let’s talk about the site itself. MasterBundles is a marketplace, where designers can sell presentation templates or various graphic elements from icons and fonts to backgrounds and high-quality illustrations and stock photos.

I have tried some other similar platforms before but chose this one and weren’t at a loss.

How I Sell My Visuals on MasterBundles?

The process of selling itself isn’t overcomplicated thanks to the convenient interface.

I mainly specialise in mockups sets and bundles. And when I am ready to sell my visual products, the vending process usually takes place in the following three stages:

1. I upload designs using the Sell Your Deal form. There I should provide titles, descriptions, use keywords, add price, and select tags. In other words, do everything to optimize the product page for SEO.

Sell Your Graphic Designs. Now!

2. After that my products need to pass the moderation stage. People who are responsible for it check the designs and contact me if something is wrong. Usually, it takes a few hours, but sometimes I need to wait for one or two days.

3. After the approval, the visuals appear on the marketplace and I can get a passive income.

Vendor’s Benefits of Cooperation With MasterBundles

As I have been working here for quite a long time, I can tell the main benefits of this cooperation. Let’s take a look at them.

1. I can set my own prices. In my opinion, valuing myself isn’t only beneficial for me in price, but it also motivates me to develop and allows me to grow.

2. I don’t need to put a lot of effort into promotion as my designs are sometimes included in the newsletterling list. MasterBundles has more than 70k subscribers, thanks to it I always have people who are interested in my service.

3. This marketplace is open for everyone from a freelancer to a professional designer. As I have only recently started this way of selling graphics here, it is a good opportunity for me to gain experience and earn money at the same time.

However, apart from the benefits, I have also faced a few cons. So, let’s take a look at them.

Things That the Vendor Might Dislike

1. As MasterBundles is a growing marketplace, there is competition between vendors and their designs.

2. Moderation, which I have already mentioned above, can last for two days.

3. They also have the minimum withdrawal amount. If the account has less than $50, it will be impossible to withdraw funds.

Personally, I decided that the disadvantages are not significant for me and the advantages are much greater that’s why I continue this cooperation with MasterBundles.

How Did I Start?

After analyzing all features of this platform, I decided to upload the first 5 designs using the Sell Your Deal form. The moderation didn’t take long and within a few hours, I could see my products on the platform. Now on my account  there are more than 10 uploaded products and I continue to create them and grow.

By the way, you can take a look at some works. Maybe they will inspire you or you will find them useful in your project.

Stickers Mockup Bundle

Preview masterbundles is masterbundles a worthy place for freelance work

Bright Sticker Mockup bundle that includes Rectangular, Round, Oval and Square mockup sets. Variety of bright colored mockups in high resolution for maximum effectiveness of your product visuals.

Rectangular Stickers Mockup Set

Preview masterbundles is masterbundles a worthy place for freelance work

Stickers Mockup Set has various editable smart objects and changes colors.These sticker mockups will make your product presentation really impressive.

Square Stickers Mockup Set

Preview masterbundles is masterbundles a worthy place for freelance work

Create an outstanding presentation with the Square Stickers Mockup Set. Just click on the smart object a few times and add your own graphics and save the result.

Round Stickers Mockup Set

Preview masterbundles is masterbundles a worthy place for freelance work

In this sticker mockup set, we decided to include various thematically smart objects that can save a lot of time. You can show off your logos, branding and more with these mockups. All of them are made in high resolution.

Wrapping it up

The choice of whether to cooperate with MasterBundles or not is up to you. I shared with you my experience and decided to continue creating designs for this marketplace. Maybe it won’t become your main source of income but earning from 500 to 1000 dollars within a few months still sounds like a good idea. I wish you luck in your search and will be happy to see your works on MasterBundles!

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